Pumps and Parts

Our aftermarket replacement pump parts are designed to offer high performance along with reliability at very cost-effective replacement rates.

Company Overview

Mining Wear Parts is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aftermarket parts and components for the mining, quarrying, and recycling industries.

Crusher Bronze

Crusher bronze parts are used in cones, jaws, and gyratory crushers. These critical parts can operate under extreme loads and are temperature sensitive so precision and quality are key to their success.

Crusher Parts

Our aftermarket parts are reengineered to address fitting issues, high wear rates, material inadequacies or redesigned to extend life and improve the performance of your equipment.

CMI Flyer

A look at our Ceramic Metallic Inserts and how they can support your operations outcomes and uptime.

Liner Optimisation

Our Liner development program is available for all customers. The program aims to identify and resolve customer complaints or to help customers with life extension, particle shape, or a better fit.

Bi-Metals Flyer

Our aftermarket crusher wear parts offer a simple and effective solution to extend the life of your equipment between changes by protecting your fixed and mobile assets from abrasion, impact, or wear. With buttons, blocks, and plates in a broad range of sizes and shapes, we can help keep your equipment in good shape between part changes.

Engineering Flyer

We continue to improve our processes to help customers realise cost-effective solutions that extend life through clever design and thorough quality inspections.

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