Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI) Parts

How does a Horizontal Shaft Impactor crusher operate?

Horizontal Shaft Impactors (HSI) operates on a different principle to a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) whereby the rock is fed onto the outside of the rotor which is spinning on a horizontal axis shaft. There are usually 2 or 3 adjustable curtains or aprons that control the product particle size as they pass from chamber to chamber and ultimately exit the machine. HSI crushers are often used in aggregate, mining, and recycling applications.


Horizontal Impact Crushers supported table

StedmanGS3030, GS3630, GS4230, GS4260, GS4860, GS5460, GS5490, GS6460, GS6490, MS4230, MS4260, MS4860, MS5460, MS6460 and MS6490.
Trio/WeirAPP4354, APP5148, APP5560, APP6384, APS3030, APS4034, APS4054, APS5160 and APS6084.
JCI/KPI4233, 4240, 4250, 5260 and 5054 Hybrid.
TerexTI4143, IP4143, TI4250, IP1316 and IP1516.
MetsoNP1313, NP1415, NP1620, NP2023, NP1110, NP13, NP15 and NP20.
SandvikCI732, CI731, CI722, CI721, CI712 and CI711.
Lippmann5196LS, 5165LP, 4248LP, 5860LP, 4236LS and 5165LX.
MinyuMIC102092, MIC102115, MIC102152, MIC133076, MIC133092, MIC133115, 133152 and MIC133184.
StrikerHQ907, HQ910, HQ1112 and HQ1312.
Mcclanahan130/75, 130/115, 130/150, 130/190 and 150/230.
SuperiorSP4855, SP5054, SP5565, SP6384, SS3936, SS4355, SS5165, SS5583, SS4355G, SS5165G, SS5583G, SR3936, SR5165 and SR5583.
EagleUM-04, UM-05, UM-15, UM-25, UM-45 and UM69.
TelsmithPA6060, HS2421, HS2430, HS3036, HS3048, HS4230, HS5252 and HS5263.
Power ScreenTrakpactor 260, Trakpactor 290, Trakpactor 320 and Trakpactor 550.
I RockTC-15CC, TC-20, RDS-15, RDS-20, Sidewinder-15, Sidewinder-20, Sidewinder-30, Magnum-15, Magnum-20 and Magnum-30.
HazmagHPI1622, HPI1822, HPI2022, HPI2025, HPI2030, HPI2530, HPI-H1010, HPI-H1214, HPI-H1414, HPI-H1615, HPI-H1618, HSI1007, HSI1010, HSI1014, HSI1414, HSI1420, HSI1625 and HSI1630.
KleemannMR110ZiEVO2, MR130ZiEVO2, MR150Z, MR170Z and MR122Zi.
Screen Machine5256T, 4043T and 4043TR.
Mccloskey144v3, 144Rv3, 154v3, 154Rv3, 134 and 134R.
FinleyI-140RS, I-140, I-120RS, IC-110RS, IC110, IC100RS and IC100.


Why do my HSI crusher blow bars have such high wear rates and how can I maximise the life of the blow bars?

Once your application has been assessed, Mining Wear Parts can possibly offer an alternative, longer wearing blow bar material.

Can Mining Wear Parts suggest possible ways to reduce my HSI running costs?

Once again, an assessment of the crushing application can open the possibilities of using alternative design/material options.

What rotor options are there for industrial HSI crushers?

HSI machines use a 3 Blow Bar or 4 Blow Bar Rotor, the choice of rotor configuration is dependent on the crusher’s operational requirement. Our team can assist with selecting the most suitable option.


What HSI wear parts does Mining Wear Parts stock?

We source and supply premium quality rotor blow bars, sidewall liners and apron wear liners for a wide variety of machine brands and models. Blow bars are available in Martensitic, High Chrome blow bars or higher wearing ceramic modified versions to best suit the crushing application.

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