Mill Liners

Where are mill liners used?

Mill liners operate in high-impact areas and with a broad range of variables to consider. Finding a suitable mill liner can be hard work.

We work to remove the complexities involved with the selection process. Our team understands the materials in the mills and what effect they can have on the wrong mill liner. Whether it’s material, profile, fit, or function that needs addressing, we can help.

We can supply high-quality, custom-fitting mill liners for your specific mill. Our mill liners are manufactured using industry-leading high-chrome white irons, chrome moly steel, and rubber. Our steel and rubber linings are designed for maximum performance and minimised replacement time, ensuring the highest capacity of your grinding circuit.


What materials are used in your Mill Liners?

Our mill liners are manufactured using industry leading High-Chrome White Irons, Chrome Moly Steel and Rubber.

What support does Mining Wear Parts offer for Mill Liners?

Whether it’s material, profile, fit or function that needs addressing, we can help.

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