Megapoxy Crusher Backing

What is crusher backing?


Crusher backing is used to secure internal crusher parts to minimise vibration, friction, and impact to the equipment during crushing and operation.

We stock a full range of Megapoxy crusher backing compounds to cover rapid set or delayed setting, temperature variation to locking bushes into position. All our locations hold extensive stock that can be shipped globally by the pallet or container.

Megapoxy Standard HICB
For everyday use. Rapid set time, minimal shrinkage, high impact crusher backing
Megapoxy Accelerator
Reduces cure time for less downtime of the crusher
Megapoxy Easypour
Low viscosity designed to fill the cavity faster
Megapoxy 57
Designed for hot climates. With low viscosity, it will fill the cavity faster, so it is full before it begins to harden
Used to lock bushes into position


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