Wear Bars and Buttons

Mining Wear Parts is a national supplier of high-quality wear parts for the mining industry. We exclusively stock and distribute the renowned TUFF wear bars and buttons within the Australian market. These items have been manufactured and sold in many countries, including Australia, since 2009.

Distinguished by their robust design, TUFF wear bars and buttons are engineered to withstand extreme wear and tear in mining operations. The key feature of these wear bars and buttons is their wear-resistant white-iron surface boasting an impressive hardness rating exceeding 700Bhn. This formidable durability ensures extended operational life, even under the harshest mining conditions.

To optimise ease of installation and handling, the wear-resistant white-iron surface is expertly fused onto a mild steel backing. This design balance not only ensures exceptional wear resistance but also streamlines maintenance procedures. As a result, the wear bars can be conveniently fitted to mining equipment, facilitating smoother operations and reducing downtime.

Mining Wear Parts sets itself apart by emphasising two core pillars: quantity and quality. We place a strong emphasis on supplying substantial quantities of wear products, meeting the demands of large-scale mining operations. Complementing this commitment is our unwavering dedication to top-notch service, ensuring quick deliveries and high-quality products that mining enterprises can rely on.

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