Ceramic Wear Tiles

Our Ceramic Wear Tiles, made from 92% alumina, offer exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, and mechanical stress. They effectively extend the service life of equipment, providing up to 10 times longer life over standard metallic overlay solutions. These advanced alumina ceramics find diverse applications in slurry, wet and dry operations, replacing steel liners and traditional ceramics.


Ceramic Wear Tiles are a reliable solution to increase the longevity of equipment subject to the stresses of mineral processing and bulk handling. Over time the wear and tear that your equipment undergoes results in higher maintenance costs, reduced productivity, and increased downtime. By incorporating Ceramic Wear Tiles in your operations you can prolong the life of components, thereby extending the overall lifespan of your plant and equipment and increasing productivity.


Wear tiles find applications in a variety of industries and operations, such as in chutes, screening equipment, conveyor transfer stations, hoppers, loading and unloading stations, and more. They are specially engineered to provide extended service life, making them effective replacements for steel liners and traditional ceramic products that may not meet the demands of your operational requirements.


• Superior protection against sliding abrasion in mineral processing equipment and chutes
• Resistant to corrosion caused by salts and chemicals
• Suitable for a variety of applications and easy to apply
• Improved wear life means reduced downtime and increased production

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