Grades of Manganese: Choosing the Right Fit

Our aftermarket manganese crusher liners are crafted using varying grades of manganese steel, each tailored to specific needs and applications. The grade of manganese steel used in the casting is crucial, as it directly impacts wear resistance, work-hardening capabilities, and ultimately, the performance of your crusher.

Standard Grade – 14% Manganese: Our standard grade manganese, containing between 12% and 14% manganese steel, offers a reliable solution for applications with lower wear rates or intermittent crushing operations. Enhanced with adequate carbon and chrome, these liners reach a work-hardened state sooner, delivering improved performance for your equipment.

High-Performance Grade – 18% Manganese: Stepping up in manganese content, our high-performance grade accelerates work-hardening, ensuring optimal performance shortly after installation. These liners are ideal for applications where wear occurs rapidly post-installation, providing consistent wear across the profile and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Ultimate Performance Grade – 22% Manganese: For highly abrasive applications demanding superior performance, our ultimate grade manganese liners stand out. With increased manganese and carbon content, these liners achieve a work-hardened state faster, retaining their profile and boosting crusher performance while extending liner lifespan.

Tailored Recommendations for Optimal Results

Selecting the right grade and profile of manganese crusher liners is a nuanced process that demands consideration of various factors. Our team of crusher specialists works closely with you to understand your equipment, operating environment, material abrasiveness, and desired outcomes. Armed with this knowledge, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize crusher performance, output, and longevity.

Enhance Crusher Performance with Manganese Crusher Liners

Manganese crusher liners play a critical role in optimising crusher performance and extending equipment lifespan. By selecting the appropriate grade and profile tailored to your specific needs, you can maximise output, minimise unexpected maintenance, and achieve desired material shape and size.

At Mining Wear Parts, we are committed to delivering high-quality manganese crusher liners backed by expertise and personalised service. Trust us to optimise your crusher performance and elevate your crushing operations to new heights.

For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team via or call 1300 898 159.

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